“A slow-burn thriller with arresting visuals, Moses emerges as a horror filmmaker to be reckoned with.”

- Justine Smith, Fantasia Intenational Film Festival



Bleed With Me is a psychological horror film that explores the intersections of admiration, compulsion, and obsession. Rowan, a vulnerable outsider, is thrilled when the seemingly perfect Emily invites her on a winter getaway to an isolated cabin in the woods. Trust soon turns to paranoia when Rowan wakes up with mysterious incisions on her arm. Haunted by dream-like visions, Rowan starts to suspect that her friend is drugging her and stealing her blood. 

Bleed With Me juxtaposes tenderness and violence in an investigation of female intimacy and dangerous codependency.

CANADA  //  2020  //  79’  //  1.85:1  //  ENGLISH

Funded by: Telefilm Canada